Copyright image detection

Unauthorized access of copyright images is a crime. Google has provided a solution to detect the duplicate images. So whether you are a blogger, a graphic designer, a photographer or an internet marketer just follow these simple steps to check the authenticity of any image:

  1. Go to Google website and switch to “Images”.
  2. On the top most you will see a camera icon with a search tab as shown below in the picture:1
  3. Click on the icon and a message will pop up, requesting you to give either image URL or upload the concerned image as shown below in the picture:2
  4. Finally it will show all the results after you provide the image.

Google’s image detecting technology can also search any image after cropping its watermark logo. Now you can also right click on any image present online, and click “Search Google for this image” to check its authenticity easily. So there’s no way to duplicate an image now.

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